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Quinnroads is a small registered charity in the UK that provides grants to school and college-age students in London to enable them to walk new roads on language-learning trips overseas which they would otherwise be unable to afford to participate in. We work with schools and community groups to help identify those that would most benefit from a grant to further their education in this area.


Quinnroads was set up by Lindle and Tom Markwell Hoskins, Quinn's parents. We live in South-East London. Learning about the world and experiencing different cultures is something we feel passionate about. We wanted Quinn to touch the world, see the world, be seen by the world, and inspire the world, and we’ve promised her that one way or another she still will. 

Quinn's short life has definitely put our own lives on a different path and we also hope Quinn will inspire others to walk new roads and discover more about the world.

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Quinnroads was set up in memory of our adored daughter, Quinn Eleanor Markwell Hoskins, who was born on November 16th 2016. Devastatingly she lost oxygen during labour and was unable to stay with us for more than a few days. We had so many hopes and dreams for her, some of which were for her to travel and learn from the wonderful world around her.


Quinn arrived at the end of a year in which we felt as though walls had been going up around the world, so we wanted Quinn to play a small part in knocking them down. As we were no longer able to give Quinn all the opportunities we lovingly envisioned for her, we wanted to help others take up her footsteps by creating a scholarship fund in her name to enable those less fortunate than she would have been to travel.


So, Quinnroads is the small charity that we have set up in her honour to form part of her legacy and her gift to a world that we are sure she would have loved. And yes, those footprints in our logo are Quinn's.

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